Dec 1, 2009

Results of Prestigio Photo Contest will be announced on 3d December

The winners of Prestigio contest will be announced with small delay. The list will be published on the 3d December.

Nov 26, 2009

Prestigio team is voting...

21 persons from Prestigio team have been taken part in 1st stage of voting. We are different. We live in different countries. There are people from Cyprus, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Russia, Croatia, Italia and even Taiwan. Usually we have problems on the 1st stage to pick photos as so many people so many minds. But it was surprise to me that this year we have evident leaders in selected photos on the first stage. Sorry I couldn't tell you know who are they. Now all selected photos from 1st stage were sent to team. We will have results not earlier then on Monday. We just need to wait for while. I could tell now that there are 78 in Elegance nomination, 61 in Insipiration one and 83 in Performance.

Nov 20, 2009

Some words about Public Choice.

We had about 10 Art contests already – photos, caricatures, wallpapers, postcards. We have Prestigio and Professional Jury’s prizes but as well we leave the chance to tell their opinion to the users of Art site. “Public choice” is usually the most questionable nomination. Last three years we practice to mix it with Prestigio team opinion to avoid cheat. There is one point in rules that let us to do it – users will choose 20 photos and Prestigio team will choose the one from them. So you need to vote to the good photo that is the closest to Elegance, Performance or Inspiration.

Viktoria Kletskova
Contest coordinator

Nov 19, 2009

New deadline for Public voting!

This year contest is very popular. To be honest we were surprised with it. But there are not ideal system so we had some technical problems last days. That's why we decided to add some days to Public voting. You could vote for your favorite photo until 25th November.
Prestigio Team and Professional Jury panel will have some additional days to choose photos in the second round of voting. There are too many good photos....

Nov 16, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas

With Christmas and New Year at the door, it is shopping time! Do not wait until last minute toget the perfect gifts for your friends and family. Be inspired by Prestigio’s holiday gift ideas, and you will surely find a personal, thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

Communications Manager

New product

Prestigio introduced a second webcam to its portfolio, the PWC213. Featuring five-layered lens, a real 1.3 megapixels resolution and an impressively sharp focus, webcam PWC213 meets high standards and requirements. It provides you with detailed images and a superb video quality for your IP Telephony at home or at the office. It is compatible with the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7. Visit our website for more details on the new PWC213.

Communications Manager

Prestigio Photo Contest a Success - Time to Cast your vote for Public’s Choice!

Over 450 amateur and professional photographers from all backgrounds and levels of experience were invited to submit their pictures to Prestigio’s International Photographic Contest 2009. The contest closed on Sunday, 15th of November at midnight, with around1900 pictures submitted from around the world. The voting process started, and the competition is surely fierce! The final results will be revealed on the 1st of December 2009.

"We are pleased to say that we received almost four times more pictures than last year", confirmed Catherine Lazure-Guinard, Communications Manager at Prestigio. "The quality and creativity of the submitted photos is impressive, and this year’s participants definitely raised the bar!"

During the next two weeks, the Prestigio corporate team and the professional Jury panel, composed of Brian Ypperciel, Mark Goldstein, R. Madhu Gopal Rama and Barbee Cain, will make their selection among pictures in each category e.g. Elegance, Performance and Inspiration. The photo with the most votes, all categories confused, will become the 2009 Grand Prix winner.

Visitors to the website can also vote for their favorite pictures until the 22nd of November, at a rate of once a day. The picture that will score the most points will receive the Public’s Choice award. Everybody is welcome to vote!

"Despite Prestigio’s experience with over 10 artistic contests", said Viktoria Kletskova, Online Marketing Coordinator at Prestigio, "the voting process is always challenging. Moreover, the popularity of the Prestigio contests is growing and as more and more participants submit their art, choosing winners is also increasingly difficult."


Communications Manager

Nov 10, 2009


The DataSafe combines advanced Serial ATA technology and ultimate functionality, but without compromising on style and sophistication. This 2.5” external hard disk drive (HDD) offers a high-speed USB2.0 interface and a capacity of up to 500GB for an impressive performance and efficiency. With its durable housing and modern design with aluminum detailing, the DataSafe is surely a great accessory to complement your successful contemporary lifestyle. Click here for detailed specifications on this new model from Prestigio.

Communications Manager

Oct 21, 2009

Oct 14, 2009

First month

The first month of Prestigio contest has been ended. There are about 250 photos that have been sent from more then 15 countries.

For today “Inspiration” is still the most popular theme and “Performance” is the hardest. And it means only that it will be easier to win in section “Performance” )) Participants, think about it )

Viktoria Kletskova - contest coordinator

Sep 23, 2009

One week - 100 photos.

We received already about 100 photos to Prestigio Photo Contest I would like to tell that this year the level of photos is higher. 41% of photos are presented to the theme Inspiration. It's interesting but the most part of photos in this category is black-and-white. Usage of black and white photos helps to concentrate attention on the composition and underline the structure. This effect was used by Prestigio designer's too in Catalogue 2010 (by the way I could recommend to see this catalogue to participants of contest as so the theme of contest was born with new catalogue in the mind)

Viktoria Kletskova
Prestigio contest coordinator

Sep 16, 2009

Prestigio's Photo Contest - Day 1

The 2009 Prestigio International Photographic Contest will definitely be a success!
Within the first day of the launch of the contest, close to 60 pictures we submitted to !!
This is definitely promising!

Participantas have until the 30th of November to present their creative work.

Good luck to all of them!

Communications Manager

Sep 14, 2009

Today Prestigio starts new Photo Contest It's the 4ph Photo Contest.
Prestigio Contests has been started with small regional ones in countries where we have representative offices. The biggest one has been taken 4 years ago in Russia. One year later we have participants from 32 countries already - from Canada to Maynmar. As so theme "Elegance. Perfomance. Inspiration" is very wide it will not be very strong rules for approving of photos. They have to be qualitative and don't break a law. But we don't promise that it will be easy to win.
There are 5 possibilities to win.
The first one is Grand Prix. It's the best photo from all nominations. Photo will be chosen by proffessional jury
Winners in the other 3 nominations will be chosen by Prestigio team. I could give you small advice how to be closer to win in these nominations. Every contest's album has cover image from Prestigio catalogue: Elegance Perfomance Inspiration - they are the closest photos that demostrate as Prestigio team see the theme. Be sure that we are open to see your vision as well.

And the 4th nominations is user choice. There is ambiguous nomination as so there is way to cheat usually. That's why we decided to complicate it. And the winner in this nomination will be chosen by ... Prestigio team too. But from 20 photos that will be chosen by users

Welcome aboard!
Always yours Viktoria Kletskova - contest coordinator

Apr 7, 2009

New collection

Prestigio have recently launched its Carbon Collection, which offers products in an attractive color scheme with fire red and carbon fiber detailing. The brand is happy to introduce a new lineup of unique computer mice to the collection. These accessories do not only stand out with their looks, but also with their advanced specs and features.
The first model is the PJ-MSL2B, a high performanceBluetooth wireless laser mouse which provides you with the speed, efficiency and responsiveness you have been looking for. It offers advanced laser technology with a switchable resolution level of up to 1600 DPI. It also features Bluetooth® technology for reliable wireless connectivity.The second model is an advanced wireless laser mouse with five practical buttons and a switchable resolution level of up to 1600 DPI. It also features Radio frequency technology of 2.4GHz for responsiveness and speed, and it comes standard with a mini USB dongle to provide a wireless connection with your PC or notebook.
The third model in this new lineup of mice also delivers high performance, speed and efficiency. It offers five practical buttons and advanced optical technology with a switchable resolution level of up to 1600 DPI.

For more information on these products, please visit ourwebsite.