Sep 23, 2009

One week - 100 photos.

We received already about 100 photos to Prestigio Photo Contest I would like to tell that this year the level of photos is higher. 41% of photos are presented to the theme Inspiration. It's interesting but the most part of photos in this category is black-and-white. Usage of black and white photos helps to concentrate attention on the composition and underline the structure. This effect was used by Prestigio designer's too in Catalogue 2010 (by the way I could recommend to see this catalogue to participants of contest as so the theme of contest was born with new catalogue in the mind)

Viktoria Kletskova
Prestigio contest coordinator

Sep 16, 2009

Prestigio's Photo Contest - Day 1

The 2009 Prestigio International Photographic Contest will definitely be a success!
Within the first day of the launch of the contest, close to 60 pictures we submitted to !!
This is definitely promising!

Participantas have until the 30th of November to present their creative work.

Good luck to all of them!

Communications Manager

Sep 14, 2009

Today Prestigio starts new Photo Contest It's the 4ph Photo Contest.
Prestigio Contests has been started with small regional ones in countries where we have representative offices. The biggest one has been taken 4 years ago in Russia. One year later we have participants from 32 countries already - from Canada to Maynmar. As so theme "Elegance. Perfomance. Inspiration" is very wide it will not be very strong rules for approving of photos. They have to be qualitative and don't break a law. But we don't promise that it will be easy to win.
There are 5 possibilities to win.
The first one is Grand Prix. It's the best photo from all nominations. Photo will be chosen by proffessional jury
Winners in the other 3 nominations will be chosen by Prestigio team. I could give you small advice how to be closer to win in these nominations. Every contest's album has cover image from Prestigio catalogue: Elegance Perfomance Inspiration - they are the closest photos that demostrate as Prestigio team see the theme. Be sure that we are open to see your vision as well.

And the 4th nominations is user choice. There is ambiguous nomination as so there is way to cheat usually. That's why we decided to complicate it. And the winner in this nomination will be chosen by ... Prestigio team too. But from 20 photos that will be chosen by users

Welcome aboard!
Always yours Viktoria Kletskova - contest coordinator