Sep 23, 2009

One week - 100 photos.

We received already about 100 photos to Prestigio Photo Contest I would like to tell that this year the level of photos is higher. 41% of photos are presented to the theme Inspiration. It's interesting but the most part of photos in this category is black-and-white. Usage of black and white photos helps to concentrate attention on the composition and underline the structure. This effect was used by Prestigio designer's too in Catalogue 2010 (by the way I could recommend to see this catalogue to participants of contest as so the theme of contest was born with new catalogue in the mind)

Viktoria Kletskova
Prestigio contest coordinator


  1. Hi,

    Indeed, the brand values of Prestigio were redefined recently, and the new catalogue is the first branded document to feature the style we want to go for.

    You can see it here:$promotion/Catalogues/Prestigio%20PM_2009-2010-final.pdf

    Your feedback is welcome!


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  6. Prestigio's photo contest is enthusiastically responded, black and white photos bring a lot of feeling for viewers.

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