Apr 18, 2011

Living in the world of typed words, is there a place for a pen?

It’s true, that today almost every aspect of our life is dominated by technology. When it comes to communication with others, we write emails, we skype, we tweet, we facebook or send text messages. In the world full of typed words, is there a place for a pen? 
Prestigio knows there is. Handwriting still is an essential part of our daily life, your signature is the personal identification of yourself. Like a fingerprint. Your handwriting style reflects your personality and mood. We do need a pen for signing a birthday card, for writing checks, leaving notes on the desks of colleagues or signing contracts. Briefly, the pen is not something we can easily give up. At Prestigio, we added usability to the original functionality of a pen, offering the option to store and transfer your most valuable and personal files: pictures, music, and all sorts of documents.
Therefore Prestigio Pen Flash Drive, our recent groundbreaking concept, has been so popular among users.
Prestigio’s Pen Flash Drive is the elegant and luxurious product of artistic imagination. Prestigio offers you a choice of three different styles of pens. The models PFD3SI04 and PFD3SI08A are made of the unique material created from carefully woven carbon fibre. The models PFD4BK04 and PFD4BK08A feature a beautiful black leather insertion, picturing the Geo design with with white lineaments, while models PFD5SI04 and PFD5SI08A will attract everyone by the gleaming silver metal with an exclusive guilloche pattern. All three models feature a sophisticated modern design with a lacquer metallic finish which makes Prestigio’s Pen Flash Drive both aesthetically pleasing and nice to hold in your hand. Coming in a precious box, Prestigio’s Pen Flash Drive makes an impressive gift. Or express your own style with this stylish accessory.
Make a statement with the Prestigio Pen Drive.
Prestigio’s Pen Flash Drives are very easy to use: By unscrewing the body of the pen, you find a USB flash memory module that works exactly like any regular USB Flash Drive. Prestigio’s Pen Flash Drive PFD3SI0x, PFD4BK0x and PFD5SI0x  have a high-speed USB2.0 interface and capacity of 4GB and 8GB. You won’t need to install any drivers, just plug and play. Besides that, all 8GB models will offer you a free one year subscription of the AVG Internet Security 9.0Prestigio’s Pen Flash Drive PFD3SI0x, PFD4BK0x and PFD5SI0x are also compatible with virtually any computer and supports Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS and Linux.

Apr 13, 2011

Small and perfect. In-ear Headphones with Microphone Prestigio PEP1 and PEP2

In-ear headphones have become the most popular choice for portable mp3 players and Smartphones nowadays.

Prestigio PEP1 and PEP2 should be the prime choice for those who are on the market for the product.
Being small, portable and convenient, it provides you with high dynamics, balanced tones and deep low notes for an impressive, accurate, realistic sound. Prestigio earphone is fitted with in-line microphone with answer/end call button, making your phone calls fun and easy. Also, the microphone is robustly built, but at the same time it is so elegantly designed in the cable that makes it almost invisible. The model is fully compatible with all mp3 devices, iPods, iPhones, Blackberry, HTC and a whole bunch of other Smartphones. When it comes to comfort, the models are supplied with 3 different size ear tips that would perfectly fit and stay very securely in your ear. So do experiment and choose the tip that’ll work best for you. You’ll also find a neat handy pouch; this will protect your headphone while carrying or not in use. Along with a a choice of 2 colors bronze (PEP1BR & PEP2BR) or anthracite (PEP1GR & PEP2GR), you can match the earphones both with your mobile device and your own style. Besides the outstanding design and compatibility, Prestigio PEP1 and PEP2 convince by an excellent price performance ratio. Look no further for a maximum comfort, optimum sound management, and a personalized fit.